Growing brands
that make the world

Brands are trees helps companies and organisations with a social or sustainable mission to grow a strong and meaningful brand. With deep roots and a far-reaching impact.


Deep roots,
far-reaching impact

4. Expanding the branches
Website and social media
Together we develop your website strategy, after which we write convincing copy and create a unique web design, an icon set, and matching social banners.

3. Flourishing the tree
Brand identity and logo
We will design your unique visual identity, including a recognizable logo with a strong concept, a color pallet, special fonts, photos, and usage guidelines.

2. Growing a solid trunk
Brand fundament and essentials
(Re)discover your narrative and let us translate it into an authentic brand story, with a strong WHY, vision, mission, values and tagline.

1. Deepening the roots
Target audience and value proposition
(Re)define your brand objectives with us, your purpose, the target audience, your proposition, UBR’s, USP’s and the messaging hierarchy.    

Ready to plant a first seed?

It all starts with planting a first seed. Tell us more about your organisation and mission during an online call. Want to know more about the steps included in our branding process?
We would be happy to walk you through them.


What if all brands

were like trees…

Making the earth healthier, the air cleaner, the world greener, and people and animals
happier. A question that we – Flip and Chella – asked ourselves.

With Brands are trees we are joining our creative forces to help those brands – like trees – to take over the world. Like a fast-growing forest!

With combined over 20 years of experience in branding, we approach developing brands from several angles and with our own experience and expertise.

We research, discover, share insights and develop unique concepts. We complement words with design, and design with words – throughout the entire branding process.

For strong brands that make the world blossom.

I’m Flip Varela, born and raised in Buenos Aires,
now often being spotted at the haringkar
at the Amsterdam Sloterdijk 
station. I’m a father,
a philosopher, a 
former vegan chef, and big fan
of the 
writer Borges. If I were a tree, I would be an
Oak. Strong, wise and reliable. Some of 
clients include:


Flip Varela
Graphic and UX designer

Chella Valkering

Copywriter and brand strategist

I’m Chella Valkering, born and raised in Holland, often being seen in a pizzeria in Buenos
Aires. I used to travel a lot, now mostly by bike. I love the beach. I’m a cat person – making
an exception for my sisters’ Beagle. If I were a tree, I would be a Hibiscus. Colorful and
blossoming in summer. Some of my clients include:


It all starts with a first seed

We would love to get to know you better!